TruVision Consulting, LLC

Cutting-edge web based software allows our clients a convenient and comprehensive solution to organize and manage risk on the farm and ranch.  With current markets updated daily, you’ll know how your input costs affect your bottom line and where the business stands from a profitability perspective each and every day.    

  • Production Planning – establish crop and livestock profiles to understand potential production and marketable product. 
  • Develop Targets – set manual targets or establish target goals with a calculated break-even analysis. 
  • Insurance – integrate crop insurance to better understand your specific protection. 
  • Market Tracking – manage cash sales, futures, options and payments with current market data updated each day to provide a true look at your profitability. 
  • What-if Analysis - create what-if analysis to determine best case profit scenarios, indemnity payments and risk exposure.  Stress test the business portfolio and understand how multiple scenarios may affect your bottom-line profitability.